Theories Mentioned in Syllabus


  1. Classical evolutionism (Tylor, Morgan and Frazer)
  2. Diffusionism (British, German and American)
  3. Historical particularism (Boas);-Click Here
  4. Neo – evolutionism (Childe, White, Steward, Sahlins and Service)
  5. Functionalism (Malinowski);- Click Here
  6. Cultural materialism (Harris)
  7. Structural- functionlism (Radcliffe Brown)
  8. Structuralism School of thought
  9. Culture and personality School of thought (Psychological Studies in Anthropology)
  10. Symbolic and interpretive theories (Turner, Schneider and Geertz)
  11. Cognitive theories
  12. Post- modernism in anthropology – – Click Here

Extra thinkers not mentioned in syllabus but one must cover as per UPSC demands

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